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Our services are directed to both private and governmental institutions in the fields of aeronautics and navigation.

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Integrated Support

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We are the unique fully-integrated AIS provider in the whole region of Latin America.

Sebastian Vecchio, FOUNDER


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Complete data scope


Airports, navaids, VFR & IFR reporting points, obstructions, Helipads.


Complete airspace structure for a specific country or region.


ATS routes, visual fixed-wing and helicopter corridors.


Georeferenced aeronautical charts in different scales.


Georeferenced procedure plates including IAC, SID, STAR, VAC + more.


Weather & Notam, terrain data, holding patterns, flight planning, etc.

Overall Responsibility

Full-time Integrated Support

Personalised Assistance

24-hour customer care service attending the inquiries from our clients’ users through the many available interactive forms: online help, email support and, if required, on the phone.

Dedicated Social Media

Introduce your product on social networks and establish relationship with potential customers. Get closer to your existing users and provide them with another support alternative.

User-Friendly Guides

Instructive user manuals written by pilots for pilots. Redesigned or created from scratch. Simple, yet professional, subtitled tutorial videos as a complementary option.

Multilingual Translations

We offer all described solutions in three different languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese, which are the main spoken tongues in the region we are located in: Latin America.

Time Availability
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Inbound and Outbound


Communication campaigns are tailored according to your needs and target markets. We build your presence on social networks, where we manage popular aviation portals and communities with dozens of thousands of potential customers.

Our Partners

Aviación Mas que Un Sueño Una Pasión is the largest & popular aviation portal in Latin America on Facebook with over half a million followers.

Por Onde Voa Você is the most important pilots community in Brazil with over 30 thousand followers between Instagram and Facebook.

Vuelo Instrumental is the principal aviation blog in Latin America dedicated to IFR navigation and has over 70 thousand fans on Facebook.

How Does it Work is a bestseller aeronautics book collection for every pilot in Latin America with currently 16 different subjects edited.

Global Jet Aviation is an Argentine company with 9000 m2 of full-equipped hangars located in SADM to provide exclusive aeronautical services. is a powerful weather platform that offers live streaming for over 200 cameras in more than 140 cities in Brazil.

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* A standard country is a country with small to mid aviation activity (not a hub or major market).

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About Us

Pilot (CPL)



We are a small group of professionals in the fields of aviation, computing and communications with more than ten years of experience in the aviation industry, dealing with the same issues that our clients and their customers do, since we all form part of the same community.

The target market we focus our work in is the region of Latin America, which is progressively growing and counts with over a hundred thousand active pilots, currently.

Our mission is to become a major worldwide provider of aeronautical services for air navigation companies and develop a fully-integrated & automated professional AIS database platform in Latin America, producing our own cartography.

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We are located in Buenos Aires city, Argentina, an important aviation hub for the Latin American region with an extensive civil and commercial activity.

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Esteban Echeverria
1801, Buenos Aires